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In 2012, under the Energy Independence and Security Act which was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush, the traditional Incandescent Light Bulb, invented by Thomas Edison, will begin to be phased out. The complete phase-out of Incandescent light bulbs can save the United States over 18 Billion Dollars annually. The alternatives to Incandescent lighting have been the Compact Fluorescent (the squirlly bulbs) and LED Solid State lighting. Both save energy. However, Compact Fluorescents have their draw-backs and LED is still quite expensive.

With such a large gap being created by the removal of the Incandescent Light Bulb, NuLite Technologies is proud to introduce what we believe to be a quality, cost-effective, energy-saving light source into the United States market which can help to fill that gap. DynamicLux™ CCFL Lighting Technology not only help toward our goal of sustainable, energy-saving lighting, but also offer new, technological breakthroughs which offer people the ability to control their lighting because it can be used with dimmers, sensors and has the ability to change color-temperature when created in a system designed to do so.

This patented, proprietary technology is called DynamicLux™. We believe it is the answer to the age old question, "Who can build a better bulb"? We invite you to peruse our web site and get to know this wonderful new lighting technology which not only saves energy, but also is the next step in Lighting Evolution. Find out today how you can save energy, maintenance costs and enjoy quality lighting which looks and feels like traditional Incandescent Lighting without the energy price tag. That's Lighting Evolution, that's DynamicLux™!

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